Lutyens Intensive 2021: Drogo, Devon, and Dartmoor

Sketch of Castle Drogo copyright Bunny Johnston – Drewe Family Archive

Registration Information

Due to travel restrictions and other COVID-19 concerns, we have postponed our 2020 Lutyens Intensive until September 2021

New Dates: September 2021

Location: Based on the Flete Estate, South Devon, U.K.

Payment Options

Initial Deposit – $1,500
(due July 1, 2021)

Final Deposit – TBD
(due August 1, 2021)

Join us! These days we’re dreaming of Devon and spending our Lutyens Intensive exploring Lutyens’s Castle Drogo – just out from under wraps after a £11 million restoration project with a new roof the size of two soccer pitches, 60,000 meters of repointing, and 913 refurbished windows. Located in the middle of the evocative landscape of Dartmoor, the refurbished Castle Drogo will be a memorable experience showcasing Lutyens at the height of his architectural prowess.

Lutyens’s works around Devon include:

  • Castle Drogo
  • Mells
  • Mothecombe House
  • The Drum Inn
  • Littlecourt
  • The Pimple at Tavistock
  • Hestercombe
  • Exeter War Memorial

We’re working on an itinerary with as many of the above as possible, as well as special experts and behind the scenes tours of Castle Drogo and the surrounding buildings and gardens.

Our headquarters on the Flete Estate will be minutes away from Mothecombe House. Awaken each morning to views of the Pamflete Valley. Stroll to the Mothecombe beaches at the mouth of the River Erme. Enjoy the two acres of gardens. Surround yourself with Lutyens during the day and return to the Flete Estate each evening for dinner and fireside discussions with distinguished guests.


copyright Robin Prater

Castle Drogo - Architecture by Lutyens

 copyright Andrew Barnett

Castle Drogo South End and Chapel

copyright Andrew Barnett

Castle Drogo

Circular Lantern over Kitchen at Castle Drogo

copyright Robin Prater

Castle Drogo under scaffolding

copyright Robin Prater

Castle Drogo Interior

copyright Robin Prater

Overlooking River Teign Valley from Castle Drogo

Castle Drogo Entry Door

copyright Robin Prater

Castle Drogo Walks

copyright Robin Prater

Mothecombe House

Looking up the River Erme Estuary on the Flete Estate

Pamflete House Sitting Room

Pamflete Valley

Pamflete Pines

Pamflete Garden

Come and experience the fascinating story of Julius Drewe, Edwin Lutyens,

and the last castle built in Britain.