Stables at Crooksbury Photo by Michael Imber

Stables at Crooksbury

Photo by Michael Imber


Photo courtesy of Andrew Barnett,
Lutyens Trust, UK

Castle Drogo

Photo courtesy of Lutyens Trust, UK

Upcoming Events:

Announcing the LTA Lutyens Tour for 2024

The Arts and Crafts Architecture of Lutyens and His Contemporaries

Dates: Monday, June 10th – Saturday, June 15th

Lodging: The Bloomsbury Hotel, London (Architect: Edwin Lutyens)

You’re invited to join us in exploring the beauty of the Arts and Crafts Movement through the eyes of architects such as Lutyens, Voysey, Webb, and others. There is a rightness to Arts and Crafts architecture that continues to resonate today. — fidelity to place, the truthful use of materials, and functional planning.

We’ll be headquartered in London with day trips to Surrey and surrounding regions.

We hope you’ll consider joining us. A registration and information link is provided below. The tour will be limited to 18 people.

What We Do

The Lutyens Trust America is an organization formed to promote the appreciation and knowledge of the work of the British architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens OM (1869-1944). Considered one of the most remarkable architects in British history, Sir Edwin Lutyens left behind a rare architectural legacy that included a rich variety of form and style. Among his over 800 commissions, Lutyens designed many beautiful country houses, public buildings, bridges, and war memorials in Britain. His prolific work abroad includes designs such as Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi, Thiepval Arch on the Somme in France, and the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., as well as many other distinguished buildings.

The wit and finesse of Lutyens’s architecture continues to be a source of inspiration and delight to architects and those interested in architecture, making his built work, memorials, drawings, and letters worthy of preservation and study, not just in Britain but also in the United States. As an educational organization, The Lutyens Trust America focuses on enhancing appreciation of, and on providing opportunities for the study and conservation of Sir Edwin Lutyens’s work. Events for The Lutyens Trust America will include tours of Lutyens-related sites, lectures, and the support of ongoing preservation efforts related to Lutyens’s legacy of architectural design. One of our aims is to inspire new generations of architects and designers to revisit Lutyens’s work as an inspiration for their own creative paths.



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