The Cenotaph, London, 1919
Photograph by Tim Skelton

This is only a small selection of the books available with work by Sir Edwin. Most are out of print but may be obtained through your library service. For second-hand copies try or Some had very limited print runs – as few as 250 copies in some cases – so expect second-hand copies to reflect this.

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This is only a small selection of the books available with work by Sir Edwin. Most are out of print but may be obtained through your library service. For second-hand copies try or Some had very limited print runs – as few as 250 copies in some cases – so expect second-hand copies to reflect this.

‘London replanned, The Royal Academy’s Planning Committee’s Interim Report’, 1942

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ISBN 978-2-940406-86-9

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Articles on Liverpool Catholic Cathedral in Books & Periodicals

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Articles Written by Sir Edwin Lutyens in Periodicals

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Introductions Written by Sir Edwin Lutyens

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This is only a small selection of the books available with work by Sir Edwin. Most are out of print but may be obtained through your library service. For second-hand copies try or Some had very limited print runs – as few as 250 copies in some cases – so expect second-hand copies to reflect this.

Harries, Meirion & Susie 
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Lutyens, Robert (with Greenwood, Harold ) 
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TV & Radio

1. The Last Country House 
Radio play on Castle Drogo. – Radio 4, 2003

2. Art of the Garden
Drama with Diarmuid Gavin as Presenter, Louis Waymouth as Sir Edwin Lutyens, Rebecca Clarke as Emily Lytton, Miriam Margolyes as Gertrude Jekyll, Jean Marsh as Jekylls Housekeeper. – BBC, June 2004

3. The Gathering Storm
Documentary on Sir Winston Churchill played by Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave as Lady Churchill with Folly Farm playing the role of Chartwell. – HBO, 2002

4. Rosemary & Thyme
Murder mystery with Felicity Kendall and Pam Ferris One episode uses Folly Farm as a backdrop ITV

5. Memorials to the Missing
Stephen Wyatts play follows moves during World War I to establish an Imperial War Graves Commission to record the graves of those killed in action. – Radio 4, 8 Nov 2007


1. Edwin Lutyens, Master Architect
Documentary with scriptwriter & narrator Patrick Nuttgens. – BBC, 1981

2. Nature Perfected, the story of the Garden,
Gardens of Conquest, Documentary on Mughal Gardens leading to the Rashtrapati Bhavan narrated by Bill Travers (21.20 minutes on other gardens, 3.20 minutes on Rashtrapati Bhavan) – Channel 4, 1990

3. Gardeners World, Perfect Partners
Documentary on Hestercombe narrated by Dr Stefan Buczacki, (9.10 minutes) – BBC, 1996

4. Building Sights
Documentary on Marshcourt with Jonathan Meades, (11.30 minutes). – BBC, 1987

5. Queen Marys Dolls House
Documentary with John Julius Norwich – Channel Two, 1990

6. Gardeners World, On a day trip to Dieppe
Documentary on Bois des Moutiers garden with Mme Mallet and John Kelly, (30 minutes).- BBC, 1998

7. The English Country Garden
Documentary on Folly Farm with Rosemary Verey – BBC 1996

8. One Foot in the Past
Documentary on Folly Farm with Penelope Keith (9.40 minutes) – BBC

9. Stones of the Raj, The Magnificent Ruin
Documentary on Rashtrapati Bhavan with William Dalrymple, – Channel 4, 1997

10. Treasure Houses of Britain
Documentary on Lindisfarne with John Julius Norwich (9 minutes)

11. Castle Drogo
(59 minutes) Sky/Artworld/National Trust

12. The Day India Burned,
Documentary of Partition of India, Featuring Mountbattens in Rashtrapati Bhavan – BBC2, 2007

13. Deanery Gardens by Dr Geoffrey Baker
(25 minutes) – BBC/Open University

14. All Gardens Great and Small
Head Gardener, David Usher, takes presenter Rebecca Pow around Garden, (30 minutes), – Harlech TV – ITN source 2002

15. Heritage: Love it or Lose it
Ross Benson presents programme from Little Thakeham, (30 minutes) Colonial American Productions, 11 August 1998

16. Gardeners World
Documentary on Great Dixter. – BBC, March 2008

17. Around the World in 80 Gardens
with Monty Don visiting the gardens of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. – BBC2, February 2008

Short Films

1. Liverpool Cathedral Exhibition Film
Mezzofilms 2007

2. Interior of Liverpool Cathedral model
Mezzofilms 2007


1. Folly Farm for sale
with Victoria Lowther, (2.25 minutes), ITN source 11 May 1999

2. Lindisfarne Walled Garden Restoration
(3.25 minutes) Tyne Tess TV – ITN Source 8 June 1993

3. Hayward Gallery exhibition
featuring voiceover of Mary Lutyens (2.15 minutes) ITN source, 19 November 1981

4. Indias famous Mughal gardens open to public
with superintendent of gardens, Raj Pal Singh Tomar (1.56 minutes), REF 902170004, ITN Source 17 February 1999

5. Top troops New Colours
President presents new colours to his bodyguards, (1.14 Minutes) REF BP211163178009, Pathe Newsreels, 21 November 1963

6. Air views of New Delhi
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7. India Installs new President
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8. The India Conference
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9. Mahatma Gandhi meets Mountbatten
REF061-064, Reuters TV – Gaumont British 11 April 1947

10. New Delhi India Good Scenes…
with Jinnah at Viceroys House , REFBGX410080207, Reuters TV British Paramount

11. Mr Antony Eden in India
Mr Eden in RB garden talking with Gov Gen, REF069-187, 1 April 1949

12. Mountbatten here after India Farewell
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13. Mountbatten winding up his mission
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14. Mountbattens at Government House New Delhi
with Mountbatten and family taking salute and wandering around gardens. (4 minutes), REFBPO101482243506, Reuters TV – British Paramount, 1 January 1948

15. Earl Mountbatten in New Delhi
changing guard and walking in gardens with daughters. REFBGU411020208, Reuters, 3 May 1948

16. Jinnah meets Viceroy Mountbatten
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17. New Delhi Reception for Lady Mountbatten
in garden of Viceroys House. Reuters, 24 February 1949

18. Viceroys daughters wedding
showing Viceroys House. REFBGX407242130, Reuters, 20 November 1939

19. Viceroy to host 4,000
showing Viceroys House. REF BGX407212012, Reuters, 9 January 1936

20. His Excellencys the Viceroys Bodyguard
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21. Viceroy of India Garden Party
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22. Superstition Defied
Wedding of Ursula Lutyens to Viscount Ridley. (33 seconds), REFBP20102435824, Reuters, 29 October 1924

23. Modes for Export pass good Judge
showing Duchess of Kent viewing fashion at Claridges with Madam Eva Lutyens. REFBGX408090143, Reuters